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Trash the Dress

I don’t do conventional wedding photography however if your looking for some unusual, creative and artistic wedding photo ideas you might like to consider wedding trashing.

Wedding trashing is a craze first started in America and is now becoming all the rage in England.

You have three choices as to what to do with your dress after the wedding, keep it, give it away or trash it!

Shock your guest with a trash the dress photo shoot and make your special day truly a day to remember. Have a wedding photo that would be fit for a music album cover of a famous rock band on your wall.

Do I really trash the dress?
Of course not, unless you really want me to. Well I don’t actually do the trashing as I will be taking the photos so it is up to the bride herself, the groom or your guests to assist.
You may be as timid or as daring as you like but remember the more extreme the better the photos and the fun!

Wedding photo ideas

The beach, sea, lakes, rivers and fountains all have something in common, water!
You might like to paddle, run, dive, sink or float.
If it rains why not embrace the weather.

For the more daring theirs mud, food and drink or perhaps the chocolate fountain.
Another common choice is paint. Water based of course so it may not totally ruin your dress!

If you want to be more radical and really destroy your dress then you could cut it with scissors, why not give each one of your guests a little part of it so they never forget.
A far a more precious gift than a slice of cake.

As spectacular as it might be I would not recommend fire with the dress on.

Trash the reception
Of course the fun doesn’t have to stop at the brides dress; you could include the best man and your new mother-in-law in your creative photos.
You may even wish to extend the fun to the reception in some way with a food fight perhaps.

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